Tacticle Defense / Krav Maga

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Derrek Hofrichter

Chief Instructor

Derrek Hofrichter

Chief Instructor,
(480) 535-7087

Krav Maga 3rd Degree Black Belt

Senior Krav Maga Instructor, Wingate Institute in Israel

Krav Maga Alliance Executive Board and Training Team Member

Certified Krav Maga Instructor Since 2005

Schedule of Events:

Friday, Aug. 6th
1:30pm: Youth Krav Maga demonstrations
2:30pm: Knife disarm demonstrations
3:30pm: Weapon Defense Workshop (Instructors teach weapon defenses for onlookers)
4:30pm: Striking demonstrations – Instructor Workout
3pm: Grappling Demonstrations
4pm: Multiple Armed Attackers Workshop
Sat., Aug. 7th
10am: Youth Krav Maga Demonstrations
11:00am: Women’s Self Defense Workshop
12pm: Weapon Defense Drills
1pm: Defenses vs Most Common Attacks
2pm: Instructor Workout
3pm: Self Defense Q&A / Fight Life Stage